My Top 5 Blog Post Examples You May Love To Check

After joining weDevs, I’ve written over 200 blogs on 6 sites. Most of them are working well on search engines and hold top positions. There is no doubt, that a writer puts his/her best efforts to create any content but it’s not necessary every content gets you the expected outcome. Sometimes it may reach far beyond your expectation whereas sometimes it keeps you wondering why your readers not liking to read it.

However, throughout my writer’s life, I have experienced both situations so many times. Honestly speaking every situation gives you new inspiration to go forward. So, no experience is bad at all, all are assets to elevate your thoughts.

Let’s show you some of my significant works from the last 3 years-

1. How To Write a Discount Offer that Converts

Blog link: How To Write a Discount Offer that Converts (7 Ways to Consider)

I wrote this blog based on my own experience. Every year during the holiday season (October-December) we need to plan several campaigns to delight our customers with attractive deals. It is one of the best times for us to cut good sales.

Passed 2 holiday seasons exploring so many real-life A/B tests, social campaigns, landing pages, and successful deals along with some pitfalls, I bring all my realizations together in this blog.

For more than 14 months it holds the first position for its main keyword- “How To Write a Discount Offer”.

It’s one of the best-performing blogs of weDevs as well.

2. An Easy Guide to Google Conversion Tracking

Blog link: An Easy Guide to Google Conversion Tracking (Both Analytics & Ads)

This blog story was quite interesting. Our head editor was not satisfied with the blog at all. He gave me feedback several times. And I edited. But still, it was failing to meet his expectations.

At last, he said me to drop the blog.

But I was also stubborn to make it perfect.

I researched the topic again and went through the entire process again and again. I tried to find out the pain points of the users, remaining gaps inside existing blogs, and finally, bring out all the possible solutions in one place.

And boom!!!!!! This time my blog got published.

But it’s not the end. This blog gets a huge shout-out from the official page of Google Analytics-

A screenshot from Google Analytics fb page

Let’s move forward to the next blog-

3. WordPress Birthday: Expert Opinions on Recent Gossip and weDevs Special Deals

Blog link: WordPress Birthday: Expert Opinions on Recent Gossip and weDevs Special Deals!

This year on WordPress Birthday we did an interesting task. Though I wrote the blog but my 2 other team members- Shad & Shams also helped me in this.

Firstly, we’ve listed around 40 bloggers and influencers from the WordPress industry. Then, we reached them on social platforms or by email to collect their opinion on the different areas of WordPress.

It was really fun. And we were really excited at that time about who got the most replies from the influencers. Ha ha ha….

We created a great bond with many of them. It was really a significant experience in my writer’s life to work with a bunch of talented people so close.

Most of them also gave this blog a shout-out from their personal social platforms as well.

4. How to Research Blog Topics for Your Website

Blog Link: How to Research Blog Topics for Your Website (6 Proven Hacks).

This is another blog where I put my real-life experiences, thoughts, and learning together to facilitate my readers.

“Topic Selection” is the first crucial step to writing any great content. Many writers, marketers, and strategists are facing challenges in this part.

To ease their challenges I showed the steps in detail to come up with a trendy, fresh and perfect topic in a particular niche.

I attached sample temples as well for an easy start which was greatly appreciated by my readers.

5. 7 Effective Tips To Choose Best Color For Website That Increase Sales

Blog Link: 7 Effective Tips To Choose Best Color For Website That Increase Sales

The story behind this blog was a bit different than other blogs on this list.

I don’t have enough knowledge about coloring’s effects on visitors’ or customers’ minds. But I have knowledge of neuroscience. It helps me a lot to understand how a human brain is influenced by a particular color or multiple color combinations.

It was really fun to learn about different color effects and explain them in an effective way.

I created the below image for my readers so they can easily extract the information & use them in real life-

an illustration of color effects on users' minds

This list can be very big. As every blog has its own story. And every story brings you back to that time.

You can’t freeze the time. But through your creation, you can keep the memories alive.


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